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Almost Locked Out of Evernote - HELP

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I have had Evernote Plus for about 7 years

My email has changed from a defunct Verizion account to a Gmail account

I remain logged into Evernote on my iPad and never use a password.

I want to undate my email information but cannot find how to do that on the iPad

If I try to sign in on another device with my defunct email it tells me sign in is locked for security please change password.  I know an attempt to change a password will sent something to my defunct email account.
I suspect that even if I figure out how to change my email on the iPad where I am still logged in, that it will ask for my password which I would have to guess at because it has been so long since I logged in (I remain loggen in on the iPad).


I sent a support ticket from my iPad but I don't even know how they respond.  Will it go to my defunct email?

A huge thank you for any help





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On 8/19/2019 at 2:32 AM, Hawkman said:

How can I have 4 views and no answers in 36 hours ???

Hi.  On that - probably because this Forum is -mainly- supported by other users and we have timezones and lives.

As to the account,  if you've had it for some time,  it presumably started out with a password,  even if you subsequently signed in with Gmail.  You're right that the incorrect email address in the account is a problem if you can't remember the password.  Your only option seems to be to contact Support - which I see you've already done.  If you can post the ticket number here,  we can ask an Evernote Admin to chase up the lost password information...


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