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Keyboard shortcut for opening a specific note?

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Hi everybody!

I'm sorry if I post in the wrong section, this is my first thread here.

I'm using Evernote for Mac and I'm wondering if it's possible to assign a keyboard shortcut to a specific note? So that when I press the shortcut, Evernote will open the note I have assigned to it. It would be neat to always be able to go back to my table of contents-note with a simple press of a key.

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Hi.  Welcome to the forums!  If you have a look into Note Links,  you can create a URL that will open a note from another note - or from another app - or from your desktop.  If you're using the installed desktop app,  there are some quirks around getting the note to open in the app as opposed to opening in your browser.  This post is in a Windows thread,  but (I think) explains the difference between 'Classic' and standard note links...

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No keyboard shortcut, but you can use the shortcut section for quick access to a note  edit: see below for keyboard shortcut1850258963_ScreenShot2019-08-16at05_04_52.png.5e88a44d4d9ffd688a6760441d2ce1e8.png

To add to the shortcut section, right click the note



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Following up on @DTLow's comment, you can directly access shortcuts using CMD-(number), e.g. CMD-1 will open the first shortcut, CMD-2 will open the second, etc. If you make your table-of-contents note your first one, you'll always be able to jump to that using CMD-1.

Hope this helps!

-- Tom


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On 8/16/2019 at 9:49 AM, loynis.armitage said:

How do I do that?

My understanding is that Evernote for Mac automatically indexes your notes in Apple Spotlight, unless you specifically disallow its Library. So, you simply need to title your note uniquely (e.g., make your note title something like ### Note Title) and then search Spotlight by the keyboard shortcut (⌘ space on my system) and then typing the first few characters of the unique note title.

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