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Hello everyone,


I opened my inbox and wrote some notes on my iPhone two days ago. It was quite important text for me. Unfortunatelly, I cant see that wrtitten text in my inbox today. There are just not edited notes, as they were left 3 days ago. Seems like it didnt synced but I was connected to the internet and app didnt crashed. I also didnt find that note in trash or in web version of my account. 


Is any chance to find this written text to the note? Any suggestions?



Thank you,


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Hi, and welcome to the forums. If it's not in the Web version, then it's not stored on the Evernote servers, and it's gone. But I wonder whether there is any chance that you accidentally created a new account when you wrote those notes. This is surprisingly easy to do, actually, by using a different email address. If you really need that information back, you may need to contact Evernote support. I think they're available on Twitter. You can also upgrade to Premium for just one month, get the support you need, and then go back to Basic. I hope this is some help.

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@michaeln Sorry but you do not give any information about where you were working when creating these notes.

What device, which OS, webclient or an EN app etc. ?

Since the apps are different in the way the store and process information, it is difficult to give an advice on such a narrow input.

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Hi All,

I'm using Evernote Premium on iPad. Here's hoping that someone can suggest a solution to the problem of text visibility when editing a note. On my iPad when I try to edit text in a note, the cursor remains where I want it to, but the view jumps farther down the page. I can't see what I am typing and have to scroll back up continuously to see what I just typed.

Reported problem several days ago but no proposed remedy yet. 

Has anyone dealt with this issue, and more importantly solved it? Thank you!

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Yes, you are right.

So if the app is still open, the content may be preserved and openable, at least of the last note written.

If it was closed, the text may still be in waiting in internal memory for a syncing opportunity.

In both cases a sync should be tried (connect to a network that will allow sync, wait for it to happen, maybe write a next note to initiate a sync etc.). If the notes are then on the server, fine.

If not, recovery is very difficult, because all apps in iOS run in a sandbox. It is practically impossible to get access to one apps data through another app.

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