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Database exporting and account problem

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Hi, I am a Windows user of Evernote latest version ( and I have several problems. I spent around 2 months without using Evernote, so I haven't logged in the system for that time.

The first problem is Evernote system doesn't recognize my email account. If I try to login with my email (both web or Windows application), Evernote says that there is not an Evernote account with that email. In web, if I try to login with my username, it recognizes it and website says that my account is deactivated. When I try to reactivate my account it asks me for a valid email account and the email account is not recognized.

In Windows app, when I click F9 or Sync button, Evernote ask me for the password of the account, I type it and it asks again for the password. At the end, it's not possible to sync my account. I have tried to export all data from my evernote app but export button is disabled so I cannot export my database, create a new account and import the database.

What are the options to solve these problems?

Thank you.

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On 8/14/2019 at 5:36 PM, JFlep872 said:

it asks me for a valid email account and the email account is not recognized.

Hi.  Not sure how your email address could have been compromised,  but AFAICS your only option is to reach out to Support to reset your account.  There's a 'guest' option here to raise a query by email,  or you could try Twitter.

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