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Ctrl z, Ctrl B, Ctrl I, etc dont work on evernote web

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I'm using windows and chrome but when I am writing my notes on evernote web, I cant use Ctrl z, ctrl b and Ctrl i. I'm sure there are other shortcuts that dont work, but those are the ones I regularly use. However, when I use ctrl backspace, it works. Anyone know why these shortcuts aren't working?

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I have tried this in the current web "classic" version on Chrome/Windows, and Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I, Ctrl+U, and Ctrl+Z all work for me. Can you please post a screenshot  to help figure out which version of Evernote you are using?

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5 hours ago, Edisonp0 said:

I believe I am using the beta version but I could use the ctrl shortcuts before. It just randomly started happening recently that I could not using the ctrl shortcuts.

Have you tried rebooting.  I have had instances in the past in which some combination of apps have managed to hose certain hot keys.  Reboot fixed it.

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7 hours ago, Edisonp0 said:

Yep, I have tried rebooting both Mac and windows and also tried clearing history and cache

Don't know what to say.  I just tested the hotkeys and they worked for me in the Current and Beta web versions.

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