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(Archived) conflicts on deleted notes?

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hi all,

i deleted some notes on from a notebook on windows *and* a minute later, i did the the same on the same notebook on the mac.

later, i got this on the mac:


my question:

why is there a conflict on deleted notes?

where does the conflict come from? because on both computers the notes were deleted...

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The conflict happens because each note has a sequence number that is incremented when you synchronize with Evernote's servers.

When you deleted it on one platform you synchronized it and that sequence number was changed and this platform was in sync with Evernote's servers and both now have a higher sequence number.

When you then deleted it on another platform and synchronized it noticed the sequence number locally no longer matched the server's sequence number. If it changed, then the server must have a newer copy so it should download that and update your local copy. However, you also changed it locally by deleting it and it can't blindly overwrite your local copy without the risk of data loss, so there is a conflict.

It doesn't compare item-by-item what changed, it just knows something changed both locally and remotely on the same note so it considers it a conflict.

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