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Notes are not on all devices



I am running Windows 10 and have about 6 devices with the Evernote (308555) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750) on them. I have two offices; in one of my offices,  when I access my notes, there is one particular note that is missing. That note is not on the web version when I log in to check. What is going on?

See attachments;

1. is the PC installed and 2. is the Web content. (As you can see the NHB - Transition Con..... note is not on the Web version.

Please help,


Snip PC.png


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Well there is a 3 note difference so something else may be going on.  IAC, add a tag to the note on the platform where it exists and sync.  That may force a sync of the note.  Then sync on the other platform or check the web..

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