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1 hour ago, Alirezaghp said:

Is there any possibility to archive notes? ... not showing them in "all notes" tab anymore.

Cross-posting violates forum rules.  I merged your posts and moved the discussion to the general forum

Evernote has no specific archiving feature beyond the general filing features

I use tag:archive to identify the notes,
and exclude archived notes in searches with -tag:archive

>>I mean storing notes you have done in an archive folder

Evernote has no support for folders; just two organization fields, notebooks and tags

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6 hours ago, DTLow said:

Evernote has no support for folders; just two organization fields, notebooks and tags

Well, stacks too, even if their implementation is a little evanescent...

Main feature request for an Evernote archive facility is here: 


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  • 1 year later...

I highly recommend adding an Archive feature. Most tools have one. I think that's why Evernote has received this question multiple times over the years. Add a feature to archive notes/notebooks that is excluded from "All Notes". I personally searched and searched before heading to the forum because it's typically a default feature with most tools. 

Thanks so much. 

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I just wanted to comment and express my support and need for a feature like this. Coming from someone who's used Evernote for 12 years and relies on it pretty much daily. When the number of notes is counted in thousands and contain all kinds of information, a simple way to separate those that are rarely needed (but need to be kept just in case) from those that contain evergreen information would be enormously helpful!

Currently creating Archive stacks is a manual process, and as mentioned by others, you need to spend more time specifying search parameters to exclude archive notes (that are mostly noise) from search results. This is slow and manual and antithetical to Evernote working as a useful extension of one's brain.

A simple yet elegant solution would be a main menu item alongside Notebooks, Tags, Shortcuts etc. titled Archives, which would effectively be exactly the same as Notebooks view, but by default anything in the Archives is excluded from search results and tag listings, unless you are specifically doing a search within the Archives.

Thank you!

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