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Unable to start without crashing

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Using Mac OS 10.12.6 / not sure of Evernote version...

Yesterday, Evernote crashed. I tried to relaunch, it crashed again. I rebooted, it crashed again. I did all this again, still no luck.

I found this page on troubleshooting steps which basically left me with uninstall/reinstall. 

I deleted the app as instructed and went to the app store to re-download. It wouldn't let me, because it says it's not compatible with my version of the OS. Tried downloading from evernote website. Downloads no problem, won't run for same reason.

Searched evernote website. Found that it is compatible with my OS version:


Tried to contact support and found that I can't do that without upgrading. Okay, I get that. Head to the forums where I find that Evernote apparently is not compatible with my OS version. Okay...

What I could't find was any listing of previous releases on the site?!?

A number of people are looking for these and a frequently posted 3rd party link seems to have versions, but lists mac versions up to 7.38 so that seems odd.

On a user suggestion, I searched the forum for release announcements. I searched for 7.11 since the 7.12 announcement is where it states OS 10.12 isn't supported anymore. 

I know I should be looking for the same version I had before, but I don't know what that is since I trashed it per the troubleshooting instructions...

I found the 7.11 release post, downloaded it, and tried to launch, and... it crashed immediately. So now I'm back where I started.

Evernote crashes immediately every time. I get the apple notification that "The last time you opened Evernote, it unexpectedly quit while reopening windows. Do you want to try to reopen its windows again?" Regardless of my choice, Evernote's window appears briefly along with a crash report window, then it crashes before I can do anything. then I get the mac notification that it quit unexpectedly (even though I pretty much expect it at this point).

I have an older laptop and really don't want to upgrade to 10.13. 

I didn't install any updates prior to this issue starting. I was copying/pasting notes from websites into an Evernote note when it crashed.

My info does seem to be intact (at least, the last note I was editing is there when I use the web version).

Thanks in advance for any help.


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A workaround is to use the web client.

Have you uninstalled really everything ? If I have to uninstall, I use AppCleaner to really catch every trace of a program on the disk. When something stays on file, even a small snippet of code or data, it can continue to crash the app.

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1 hour ago, nathans said:

I deleted the app as instructed

One point about deleting Evernote.  Your installation consists of the app, database, ...
When you delete Evernote, make sure you delete all the associated files
The app AppCleaner is recommended for this

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Thanks - you were both right. I found another thread suggesting deleting a particular folder from the Library which I assume is the database. I did that (well, moved it to the desktop) and was able to launch Evernote successfully. I logged in and let it sync. Things seemed to work well, but if I compare those folders, I find 8891 files are missing. 

I guess I need to compare the sub-folders to figure out what's missing. I'm sure there's a utility for that somewhere. 

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Is there an easy way to know which files are missing? I just got the number missing by using Get Info in the finder. Don't know which ones.  

I don't think I had any local notebooks. I had a few that I set up years ago, but I don't think I ever even knew local was a possibility.

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When you do not have local notebooks, the number of notebooks and of the notes should be identical on the web client and on your Mac after the sync went through.

When you log into the web client, you can find the number of notebooks and of notes when you click on "Notebooks" (screenshot is in German):

1) is a notebook on the top level. Here the number beside the notebook name is the number of notes in this notebook

2) is the number of notebooks in a stack

3) is the number of notes inside of a notebook inside of a stack. To see this, open the stack. All stacks can be opened at the same time.


You have the same view when you open the Macs own client. You can do this side by side, by sharing the screen between your browser and the EN apps window.

Now simply compare: Are the numbers the same ? Then you have the same amount of notes inside of a notebook, and chances are these are identical.

You can then open a notebook in both screens, sort the content in the same way, and compare note by note.

This is not to be done on all notes, it just serves to see if there is a problem, and what it looks like. 

It may well be that there is a difference when using the finder, but when comparing the content inside of EN, everything is where it belongs. One example leading to a difference can be deleted files - they may be just marked as to be deleted, but are still on the disk and will be counted, even when they do not show up in the app itself.

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15 hours ago, nathans said:

I logged in and let it sync. Things seemed to work well, but if I compare those folders, I find 8891 files are missing. 

I guess I need to compare the sub-folders to figure out what's missing. I'm sure there's a utility for that somewhere. 

As per @PinkElelephant, don't bother working at the file level
The important numbers are the note counts displayed in the Evernote editor compared to the master version on the web

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