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Rename many notes in 1 path

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Hi.  There may be a way to script a name change - I'm not a user,  so can't comment;  but the Evernote app / web client doesn't support mass changes.  If you can select a range of notes for this change,  could you apply a tag or move them to a specific notebook or stack to highlight their status?

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On 8/4/2019 at 11:50 PM, claude.chassot@gmail.com said:

I'd like to rename many note-titles in 1 path

I use applescript on a Mac and am able to make mass changes to note-titles
It's very flexible but you must be able to define change rules

Here's an example, replacing _ with / in selected notes

if text 1 thru 8 of newTitle = "2018_03_" then
set newTitle to "2018/03/" & (text 9 thru -1 of newTitle)
end if

Here's more information on using applescript in Evernote 


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