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HOW can Unknown device be added added without my accept and password

Christian Jacobsen


today I was told by evernote that i must remove one device. This i was surprised about as I have not added another device in weeks. Last time was when my iphone was stolen 4 weeks ago and i bought a new MI9 phone. I don't see any way they could hack the iphone xs and get out the passowrd. But anyway after that i changed my password.

Now i see a new device in the list I have NEVER owned or accepted to login and get my data in the list. Can you please explain me that. There is a lot of personal and sensitive data in my evernote. I am very very unhappy and angry about that this can happen !!!!

EDIT:In the access history there is nothing about a Samsung !?

Please tell me what is "Android-samsung-SM-N9005" and HOW IT GOT INTO MY ACCOUNT without my permission and pasword ?

This is according to google a "samsung note 3" and I have never had any samsung device. So it is not mine !
See attached screenshot.


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3 hours ago, Christian Jacobsen said:

HOW can Unknown device be added added without my accept and password

Not possible without your userid/password.   

The usual cause is using the same userid/password on less secure sites.  Hackers collect these passwords then try to access sites like Evernote

Change your Evernote password.  Use it only for Evernote access; no where else.

For additional security, turn on 2fa https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314238-How-to-set-up-two-step-verification

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I am working in IT. I know a lot about what i should do and not. I never click on links i mails, never visit not trustworth sites and so on.

I have not used this password anywhere else than Evernote. On "i don't care" sites I sometime use the same. But on important I never ever use the same. So somehow that tablet must have found a way to hack evernote, or it was added as a bug.  I am 100% sure no one has hacked my computer and/or gotten the password in any way. 

I have turned on 2FA now, but I am not trusting evernote for important infos anymore. Sad.


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3 minutes ago, Christian Jacobsen said:

found a way to hack evernote

Evernote stores an encryption of your password; they do not store your actual password

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