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Just about a half of my lost notes recovered. Why?



I have a special problem with lost notes that didn't find the solution or even the similar question in technical support articles or on forum.

I use evernote on my phone. and as I regularly connect to internet with my phone
a few weeks ago, with more than 600 notes, but suddenly I lost my notes and couldn't add new notes, and saw an error of syncing when I tried to do so, however my wifi was on, and also I didn't used evernote on another device and even web version before. I was so busy during this time and couldn't do it sooner. But today is the first time that I logged in web version and followed your article in help center:

it was helpful but not completely! only about a half of my notes (341 notes) recovered, and the rest are still not found! and the last notes that it shows me now goes back to about 2 months ago, and I can't see the rest notes that I've saved after that! (while wifi was on and backup process, etc. )
I also check trash as well as all folders, but none of them worked and could recover the rest of lost notes and solve this problem that I explained.

an important point is that all my notes were text only, just a few notes were voice notes. The text notes were more important and I'm looking for them now.

So, I don't know what to do now!
Is there any way to recover/find the rest of recently saved notes?

Here is Log as what evernote shows on my phone, I copied it if it would be helpful:
IsTablet: false
Locale: en_DE
Service: https://www.evernote.com
Package: com.evernote
Brand: htc_europe
Model: HTC Wildfire S A510e
Network operator: 43211 / IR-MCI
Android version: 2.3.5
Evernote version: 5.8.5(1058503)
Evernote revision: AM_585_1151
Evernote type: public
Internal storage: 68 MB / 150 MB
External storage: 104 MB / 955 MB
Auto Sync Enabled: true
Master Sync Enabled: true
Sync Interval: 3600000

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On 8/3/2019 at 8:28 PM, Moein said:

I logged in web version

The web version accesses the master data version stored on the Evernote servers.

The "new" web version has issues; you may want to downgrade.

>>the last notes that it shows me now goes back to about 2 months ago, and I can't see the rest notes that I've saved after that!

Make sure you're using the correct userid/password.  It's too easy to accidentally create a new account 

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Some questions remain, and I do not know anything about Android.

But I assume that you were not having any notebooks set to "offline" status, correct ?

And I assume that you were frequently syncing your phones content with the EN servers, correct ?

Then your notes are on the server, and (as DTLow just proposed), you should go back to the "classic" version of the web client.

If some notes were damaged through a syncing issue, you could purchase 1 month of Premium, to get access to the timeline tool. It is a versioning of every note, that is running on the server, for your notes as BASIC-user as well. But to access it, you need a Premium account. So you can always buy 1 month of Premium, get access, move back to a not corrupted version of a note, and set it back to this status.

Because the mobile clients will always sync whenever possible, even if there was a syncing issue (which normally will NOT do any harm to a note), it usually does not compromise more than a handful of notes.

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To add to @DTLow's comment, the default when you access Evernote from the web is "new Evernote."  As suggested, click on your account name in the left panel and select Switch to older version of Evernote.  Many have reported not seeing all of their notes in the new Evernote version but can when they switch to the older version.


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9 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

Premium, to get access to the timeline tool

Warning: the Note History backup is accessed through the note details panel.  It can not be accessed if you don't have access to the note

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