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Note is unavailable to edit

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I'm unsure exactly what's occuring:

I pasted a recipe page from epicurious.com. When I hover over the note, I get a magnifying glass with a + sign, but I cannot mark or edit any text. The whole note is surrounded by a blue box.

If I click on the note, up pops a full screen view, with a header which on the left is named "Untitled", in the center is " - 100% + ", and on the right an X to close this view. There are also carats (<>) to move the image L or R. One of those will show the image saved with the note.

I don't want any of this *****. I want to edit the note. "Remove formatting" doesn't accomplish anything.


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Hi.  From a quick look at the site there's lots of 'wizzy' features with random pop-ups and animations.  I'd guess (details above my pay grade) that there's all sorts of fancy coding going on.  Clipping into your Evernote note is going to be... interesting.  No easy way to get it to plain text,  apart from maybe pasting to Notepad as a first step.  Can't offer any easy fixes - you could try Notepad or Word (or another word processor) to see what remains after a paste-as-plain-text...? 

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@TdeV, it sounds like what you copied and pasted was an image, not text. The behavior you describe is how Evernote handles images; and recipe sites do sometimes put their information into images rather than text, because ... well, because of no good reason I can think of, but I've encountered all kinds of problems trying to print out recipes from links my wife sends me. I did just look at one random recipe on Epicurious, and it does seem to be text, though. How exactly did you bring the recipe in question into Evernote? Not with the Windows Snipping Tool, by any chance? That does create a clip from a section of screen and save or paste it as an image, not text.

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Thanks @Dave-in-Decatur, this note is not solely an image. But it does contain an image. I redid my clipped text (without the image), then pasted the image, and I have what I originally desired.

Doesn't help me figure out what's going on though!

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Glad you were able to get something working. If you used Evernote Web Clipper on Epicurious, then I suspect that @gazumped is right about "fancy coding." In my limited experience, recipe sites are some of the most badly programmed Websites in existence. The writers go on and on and on and on about how marvelous the recipe, or your cookout, or these ingredients are going to be. Panels pop up and scroll away on the pages without warning. Images, text, and who knows what intermingle sloppily. I'm not at all surprised that clipping a whole article on such a site would cause problems. Perhaps clipping Simplified Article, or selected text, could work better.

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