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I have a small question about tables. I've done some experiments with them, because I want to provide a non-white background to my text notes. I created a single-cell table with a satisfactory color in Word, pasted it into Evernote, and did some minor tweaking. At that point I had a pleasant-looking table that I could add to the list of standard templates.

But then I discovered there was a serious problem with resizing the tables. If I make the table fairly narrow, it looks good on my phone but rather awkward on my computer screen; if I make the table wider, then it works better on my computer than on my phone (where text starts to run off the right edge of the screen). 

I gather that the tables created in Evernote do not automatically enlarge or contract according to the size of the screen. I'm under the impression that this question may have been discussed before on this forum. Has anyone come up with a solution?

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Hi.  It seems to be pretty much a universal constant that if you show details on a big screen,  they're going to look squeezed on a smaller display.  I think you have to make a decision - will you optimise your display for mobiles,  or for desktops?  Whichever you choose,  get ready to accept compromises on differently sized devices.  It is possible to have a web page that changes the underlying code to show up differently in mobiles vs desktops,  but an Evernote note is not an example of this. 

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