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How can I download an older version of evernote for iPhone?

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On my iPhone 5S I have the iOS version 10.3.2 (14F89) software and I can't download the current Evernote release because the app is not supported (it's my first download of this app).

I don't want to update the software to prevent my iPhone battery from slowing down performance.

How can I do?

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My wife is running current iOS on her iPhone 6, and I am running it on my iPhone 6S+.

If anything, the devices got faster with the last 2 mayor releases of iOS, not slower. They really did a very good job in writing code that will run better on the old devices than the OS they were originally delivered with.

Secondly, by cutting off OS upgrades, you cut yourself off from fixes to several security issues. IMHO not a good idea on a device that is per definition nearly always online.

I would upgrade to the latest iOS version available, and then install the latest EN version available for this.

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Dear PinkElephant,

my iphone will not upgrade past 12.4.8 and I cannot find the appropriate Evernote version for this.

Can you point us to it please?

I am a free version user trying to help my colleague who is a premium version user...

Thank you!



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