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Lost of notes due to Windows 10 updgrade

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My computer was just upgraded with Windows 10 and when I went to log-in to Evernote, it looks like I have lost notes from the last year. Before the upgrade, I thought my notes were being synced because I was frequently asked to confirm my email address, which I did, but both the desktop and web versions seem to only have my notes through last summer 2018. Any ideas on if I can recover my notes? Thanks. 

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Hi.  Why would an OS upgrade lose your notes?  If they were being synced to the web server,  you should have a complete copy of the database available online.  Users have sometimes created a 'phantom' account by logging in with a slightly different user name or password and effectively creating a new account.  Also the latest version of the web client sometimes doesn't display recent notes...

If you have lost important data you could consider subscribing (for a month) to get access to the support service and the Note History feature (only good for previous versions of existing notes).  Whilst this is not a frequent problem it is the reason that most experienced users keep backups of the database folder in case of unexpected problems.

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