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Notes trying to be opened with XODO

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Hi all,

I was just opening a receipt I sent into EN, and when was asked what to open it with, I selected XODO, because it was a PDF. I chose always (thinking that just pdf's would open this way). However, it is trying to open all notes that way now, so I can't open any. 

Any way to set back to default EN for notes??

Thanks greatly...😝


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Hi.  Choosing XODO for PDFs works for me,  but how does it get a chance to open a note?  If you're using the Evernote app,  surely selecting a note from the list will open the note to show the contents.  PDFs aren't even stored on the device unless you've opted to have a notebook 'offline searchable'.  If you go to Android's Application Manager,  you should be able to reset XODO's defaults if that helps...  otherwise you may need to uninstall and reinstall Evernote.

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