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Evernote converting PDFs in Outlook to PNGs

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I am using Save to Evernote for a message with 26 PDF files. When I look in Evernote, those PDF files have turned into PNG images of the PDF icon. 

I tried with a mail message with just one PDF file, and it went into Evernote fine.

What's the problem?

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Hi.  Just to be clear - you have one (presumably unusual) email which has 26 PDF attachments?  It should be fairly easily possible to export those attachments to local storage and attach them to the original note in Evernote.  Don't know what mechanism Evernote use to move clipped emails into a note,  but with 26 attachments this message might have been pushing size limits in your email process.

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So it happened again. This time the email message only has one PPTX.


After researching it, I think this (attachment coming in as a PNG image) when the email message is in RTF format. In this case, when I edited the message in Outlook and converted it to HTML, it clipped into Evernote with the attachment intact 

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