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Markup copy-paste // Quick markup = Speaker notes



Anybody uses Evernote to present // as speaker notes?

I know of at least 4 ppl (we all subscribe) in my immediate surrounding that do so. And we all miss a feature. Quick markup!


1. What does it mean?

- select markup style (e.g. just bold font)

- any text you select with 2x click inherits this markup


2. who is this for?

- speakers

- teachers

- presenters


3. why?

- because its so small of a change and it will save us like 100x clicks per presentation/talk (more)


4. Now and after

- Now: 2x click to select some text --> keyboard shortcut for my markup EVERY TIME after text selected

- Then: select markup style --> once you highlight some text it is formated based on given (previously defined) markup style

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Maybe you are aware of this: There is an older thread about adding markup capability to EN. I am not sure whether this is an own topic, or whether it should be joined into the general markdown thread. Staying here the votes will probably split.

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