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Dariusz Jot

Saving, removing and backuping of notes

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Are there any possibilities of backuping accidentally removed or badly saved notes from Evernote on Android?

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Hi.  "Accidentally Removed" notes - if they're deleted,  wind up in the Trash Notebook.  If only part of a note is deleted or changed by accident,  previous versions are available to subscribers (even if only subscribing for one month) through Note History.  All notes for all subscribers are backed up by this system several times per day,  but only subscribers get access.

"Badly saved" notes may not even get into Evernote's system, so there's no way to avoid losing the content.  In most cases its clear almost immediately whether or not the save has worked,  so pictures (forinstance) can be re-taken on the spot,  or notes rewritten if necessary when an error occurs.

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