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(Archived) BMP Images not displayed?



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I'd recommend using PNG instead.

unfortunaltely this came from a website.

(don't ask me, why they're using BMP) ... ;-)

BMP is not one of the supported "Free" file types supported in Evernote.

Seems not to be true, because it is correctly shown in Evernote (for windows) afair.

and on the Web (History of the note) too.

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I'm having the same issue; when I first signed up and even after becoming a Premium member, I was able to add images from the web / hard drive and both Windows and Mac would show them as expected.

But since the recent update(s) the vast majority on Mac are showing .bmp and therefore you get that annoying "Quick Look" where there does'nt appear to be a way of turning it off.

Why this change was a good idea, is beyond me! Its now rendered half of my Mac version unusable!

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