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Link "open conversation in gmail"

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I have recently opgraded my account to premium to have full use of evernote but unfortunatly the service got worse.

The most anoying thing is that the "open conversation in gmail" link for email clipped with web clipper its not working. When I click on it, it open the inbox and not the conversation witch is taking a lot of my time to search emails.

I use evernot for working and this is starting to be a big problem because it affects my productivity alot.

Also, since I upgrade to premium I simply cannot contact the support (and one of the announced advantages of premium user is the faster support...). when I click on the support link, I get the massage that I sign out of my account.

So, pleasy someone help, otherwise ill be forced to find an alternative note software for my work, wich I'd rather not because I like evernote and I am costumer for many years.


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Hi.  If you check the support page there's a 'guest' option if you have trouble logging in,  and there's this:  https://discussion.evernote.com/announcement/72-issues-accessing-evernote-support-channels/

I have seen that 'open conversation in Gmail prompt,  but I just saved an email using the clipper and couldn't see the item.  How are you seeing that?  In a browser menu / in the note itself?

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