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Problem Uploading photographs



Ever since I first had Evernote I've been copying items from websites.   On 7 July the computer didn't shut down properly (I think I pressed the wrong button) and Evernote crashed.   My local shop restarted it but ever since, though it copies the text of the items, it won't upload the pictures unless I drag each one from the site individually which takes an enormous amount of time.   What can be done about this ?

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Hi @lffteam, and welcome to the forums! A little more information would be helpful. Is this happening in the Web interface of Evernote, or one of the desktop programs? In the latter case, what operating system (Windows, Mac) and what version of the software are you using? Also, how were you copying items from Websites when it was working right? Using the Web clipper, or copying and pasting?

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