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Sorting table columns

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Is there any way to do this?

Not In Evernote, no.

You could try copy/pasting the table into a spreadsheet, sorting there, and then pasting over the original on in your note.

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43 minutes ago, hfeddema said:

I pasted the table into an Excel worksheet, and tried to sort it by the first column, but got this odd error message:

I have no problem copying a simple table and sorting in a spreadsheet
Merged cells do cause a sorting problem

If you post an enex export of your note, we can test it further

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I didn't merge any cells -- just created a new worksheet and pasted the Evernote table into it.  But I looked closely at the table, and I saw that there was an extra row between two rows of text, which starts at column 3, so apparently somehow it got merged when pasting the table.  I tried sorting again, but got the same message, so I looked again, and found several more rows with merged cells, and fixed them, and then finally I was able to sort.  It worked, except for two unsorted rows at the top (no, they didn't have spaces in front of the words).  I retyped the content of those rows at the bottom, and deleted the two unsorted rows at the top, and then finally I was able to get the whole table sorted.  I deleted the original Evernote table, and pasted in the sorted one, so now I have a sorted table.  This whole process is quite time-consuming, so I think that I will just insert a row at the right place when adding new rows in future.

It would be a lot easier if there was a native sort in Evernote.

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I agree.  I've had to use Evernote to manage projects.  Each project has multiple criteria by which I should be able to sort. (numerically, alphabetically) per column.  It would also be extra icing on the cake if tables could have collapsable sections.   Or if you created a new table header <th> cell under which <td> cells could be sorted or collapsed/accordion.

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I also agree 100%. I used Evernote for ALL my notes such as current information on new client where there is a ton of info.

Right now I want to have a glossary of terms and words in Evernote and appear to be able to do this through a table, but cannot sort the table! Grrrr.

For now I will have to try the copy/paste between Excel - but not ideal at all!

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