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Google Drive document links failing

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I've been working on a project involving a links to a Google spreadsheet and document stored in my Google Drive account.

I create the link in my note and a link appears as anticipated.  This then works for an indeterminant period of time.  But at some point the link stops working.  At this point clicking on the link in the note generates an error which says that the file cannot be opened at present.

Recreating the Google Drive link causes the new link to work but not the old one.

A bit of delving shows that the links saved inside Evernote seem to end with


Here's an example with the unique document ID removed...


If I remove the extra piece and paste the remaining link into a browser then everything opens just fine.

My browser of choice is Firefox but the same arises if I try in Chrome.

It seems as though Evernote is breaking the links.  When I checked on a recreated link it shows:


This piece works just fine so it seems that, at some point, the link is being re-written substituting %3F for ? and %3D for = is now breaking the link.

I suppose the problem could be new to Evernote or new to Google Docs ie: Is Evernote rewriting the links when previously not.  Or has Google Docs become more fussy about the links it will accept?

Anyone have any ideas?






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Hi.  And Hmmn.  Most of my Google Drive links were set up with URLs copied from Google and they have continued working for years.  My browser of choice has varied between Firefox / Vivaldi / Chrome and Brave (Vivaldi and Brave being leaner Chrome clones anyway).  Are you using the installed Evernote,  or the browser version?

Another user (at least one) has posted problems with Google links,  and the big G is prone to 'improving' its code from time to time..  I'd bet on a Google change which Evernote either doesn't know about,  or hasn't gotten around to fixing yet.

As you;re a subscriber,  I'd suggest raising this with Support,  not in any great expectation of a fix for now,  but so they have it on their radar to investigate and (if practical) fix as soon as possible.

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Thanks for the suggestion.  I submitted a ticket but some further delving found a post which said that a new beta version 6.20 fixed a problem with Google Drive links...

Fixed: * Links toGoogle drive documents created in 6.19 GA on Win client do not work in Web client

So I've installed Beta 6.20 and it seems to be working again.
Thanks for responding.

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I just sandbagged by the 6.20 upgrade too - didn't even know that was an issue.  Also installing...  as the update page says:  good luck!  Remember this is a beta,  so surprises may be included...  ;)

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