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Copying & pasting a table with links messes up the text

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15 hours ago, ChristopherKTom said:

When I selected the table to copy and paste it, the pasted table didn't look like the original.

Are you saying the content changed as (or before) you selected it,  or when it was pasted into the destination document?  If it was when pasted,  what were you pasting into?  Word (forinstance) offers me about 5 options for pasting,  including 'keep source formatting',  'merge formatting' and 'plain text'...

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I appreciate you didn't mention Word (hence 'forinstance') but even Evernote has some default settings per note that may affect the information you're trying to paste.  If you're posting into an Evernote note,  have you tried the 'other' paste option "paste and match style"?  Could the operation you're attempting be completed by duplicating the source note and deleting other information to leave your edited table intact?

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