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(Archived) Big chunk taken from my monthly allowance

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I'm a premium user who doesn't usually use all his upload allowance. But this month I've been concentrating on digitizing a lot of my office files and uploading a lot. So I've been really conscious of my monthly upload cycle, which begins on the 28th of the month.

Last night (August 27), I uploaded PDFs that brought my monthly total to something in excess of 490MB (I got the 95% warning). I quit and went to bed. This morning, I saw that my cycle had in fact reset, but it shows that I already have used 83MB of my allowance during the first 9 hours of my cycle...while I was sleeping. That's 15% of the month gone without actually doing anything.

What would cause this?

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Try emptying your trash & syncing again. Some clients count the amount of data in your trash in case you need to restore it later.

Thanks for the tip. I did have 176 notes in the trash. When I emptied the trash and synced, my usage went down from 83MB to 52MB. Good, but still 52MB more than I have uploaded.

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I had the same problem and was watching my limit. I got the 95% message and allowed Evernote to finish syncing before continuing. It took me forever to reach the 95% mark as I was exporting files from Picasa to Evernote and selecting to reduce the file size when exporting. Then the next morning my account had reset and my current usage was 258mb, there is no way. I sent a ticket in and they said to empty the trash.

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