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Boomarking Issue

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Recently I've begun to have problems with bookmarking.  I don't have any problems using the other capture options and the bookmark problem only occurs on some sites.

Following is an link to one site where I've experienced the problem:


When I try to bookmark this site I get a spinning circle.  The capture never completes.  This seems site specific but it's odd because I've used Evernote for years and never had problems bookmarking sites.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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I tried clipping the web page on my Mac. 615693803_ScreenShot2019-07-17at07_04_34.png.77eaa0c83f7a8c12276d77e1b7916d39.png
It completed, but this is what was retrieved

There seems to be a problem with the web site requiring a decline/allow response

- capture screenshots from the site
- save as a web archive
- print to pdf


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Thanks for the quick response!

You've probably hit on the issue.  The site in question is a photo archive and is, natively, Hungarian.  The link I provided was the English version but I note that your capture is showing the Hungarian version.

I'll explore it further.  If I find a way around the problem I'll post an update.


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I was using Chrome in my earlier post.  I should have mentioned that earlier.

In the way of an update.  With Chrome I could not capture a Bookmark with the site set to either language.  I was able to use all the other capture options (Article, Simplified Article, Full Page, and Screenshot).

I tried using Firefox and was able to capture a Bookmark with either language option.  I was also able to use all the other capture options, as in Chrome.

In sum, then the only option that did not work was Chrome/Bookmark.  It may just be a Chrome issue but it seems odd that it would only impact one capture option.

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