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(Archived) Irritating Problem with Evernote Database Service

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Hi all,

just a time ago I got a HTC Desire and when I installed evernote for android there, I realized that it did not find (all of) my notes.

For example, searching for microsoft only found about 22 out of 112 existing notes.

I was on my way on complaining in the mobile forum when I double-checked by using the web interface and there I got absolutely horrified!!!!

Whilst my desktop application was counting a total of 1783 notes, the web interface to the evernote database service only counted 919 notes!

This means: 864 notes, nearly half of my database seemed to be lost!!

"Luckily", it even got more weird:

When I navigated by web to a folder which contained -according to the web interface- only 1 instead of the "should-be" 7 (according to the desktop) items, I was indeed able to see all 7 items.

Nevertheless, when I searched for a word belonging to one of the 7 items ("Stundenplan"), it was only found in the desktop application, not in the web-interface.

So obviously, it is not the fault of the android app that it does not find all of my notes, but instead it is a problem with the central service.

When will this highly irritating failure be corrected?


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Hi Frank,

sorry, no help here from me, but:

i remember some mails (over half a year old) from the support team when i "complaind" about a same issue with search expressions on the iphone.

they told me something like this (or better: thats what i kept in mind) "by now, all those applications work different while searching data. we're working to make searching (and finding) you data much more easier as it is now. and work the same. and work as expected."

there're a lot of threads here by users which seem to have problems *finding* their notes.

i think, recognized, that finding notes had become a little bit better by the software over the past few months, but this could also because EN did never find those important notes and i keep forgetting them by the time.

i've found/read this:

http://droppingsteps.wordpress.com/2009 ... ch-syntax/

but it did not helped very much. but it explains things a little bit more....


i found another topic:


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If the counts displayed on the web are incorrect, that may be a problem with the "search index" for your account on the web. I've rebuilt your index, so it should be correct now. Normally, you can fix this via a support inquiry at the bottom of:


but *how* can a user know, that the index is wrong/broken ?

only by guessing it, because there are different counts i different EN-clients?


Please let us know, if the reindexing helped you (in any way).

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