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The longer my note is, the slower the performance gets

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Hmm, not sure about number of words, but I notice little to no slowdown in notes from 3 to 28 megabytes, with graphics &, tables, even PDF notes get only somewhat slower.

But I have a number of notes copied from the internet, 1 megabyte or less in size, but they are copies of heavily formatted pages, one of them is from a Facebook page.  Those notes are very slow to display.

In general, I find information I copy from the web with formatting preserved, may go from slightly slower to very slow, so I usually strip things up when I can, unless the formatting is important. 

It may also happen if the note has errors, in such cases I rebuild the note, just in case.

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I've tried to copy the text (without any image) from that note into another. That worked, but after closing the app and re-opening it after several hours, it started to work slow again. 'Simplify formatting' would destroy my note layout.

Thanks for your help and i'm waiting for some more opinions. (sorry for my english)

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Hi.  The speed of your internet or network connection will be important.  Bear in mind that mobile devices do not store notes - the complete note content has to be downloaded before you can edit it (unless it's in an offline searchable notebook) and  the whole thing saved back to the Evernote servers so that it will be available on other devices. 

Long notes are generally more difficult to load and save properly than short ones,  so like @Dave-in-Decatur I keep my notes short.  If you need to produce a longer document,  I'd suggest using a common title or tag so a lot of short "paragraph" or single-topic notes can be linked together.  Then a Table of Contents note will list out links to all your content,  and the links can be arranged in an appropriate order before (finally) merging them into one document.

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If the general performance of the program is affected, it has been reported that manually signing out of your user name on the program (not just closing the program), then exiting, rebooting, and signing back in manually, is supposed to help. 

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