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ALL of my notes just disappeared!



I was using evernote, then I got a message that popped up saying "we're having trouble loading your note" so I refreshed the page, and ALL of my notes are now gone! I have most things backed up, but not the 8 chapters of my newest novel, and a few other things. All of my notebooks are still there, but they are empty and evernote keeps asking if I am ready to create my first note. I have logged out and back in, I have checked my trash bin. How do I submit a support ticket or get help with this!? 

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Question 1: Are you sure you logged into your existing account ? It can easily happen to create a second account by accident, just by misspelling.

Question 2: If 1 does not apply, which client do you use to enter ? There are known issues with the WebClient, new versions / beta. Downgrading to an older version usually brings back everything.

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