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Sorting with sliding notes

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Hi! I wonder (it may be already asked) if in a new version, we can have, for each folder, the capacity to slide notes in an order we want. I'm an author and I like to sort my chapter by their number, not by their last date or the alphabetical sorting. You think it may be possible to allow us sliding each note over another one to sort them in a folder like we want?


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Sliding Notes???

Is this a request for manual sequence by drag and drop.  Currently, we only have this in the Shortcut and Reminder sections.  If you confirm this, I'll merge the discussion with the other feature requests, for example manual-sort

You mentioned "folder" and I'm guessing you mean notebook.  Personally, I would want the sequence applied to any saved search.

>>I like to sort my chapter by their number, not by their last date or the alphabetical sorting.

If the chapter number prefixed the note title, this would be an alphabetic title sort

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