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Today, just now, I clicked to save a news article. When the little Evernote dialog showed up, I noticed it did not have the little window at the bottom where I could select what tag to use and which notebook/topic to put it in. So I went to the web version (the only one I have, I am on Ubuntu), clicking 'log in with google' button. And while the article I got today was there, *absolutely* nothing else was. I went through the help triage, and found the one about missing content. It suggested that I might have created a new account rather than accessing the old. That seemed to fit perfectly, but when I looked at my account, as this faq also advised, it showed I had been a member since 2017, so this does not look like a new account mistake. I used to have a premium account on my Windows machine, but both of those are long gone. I also had the Evernote app on an old android phone of mine, which I recently reset in order to give away, but surely that's not the cause of this issue - no end users would ever be able to change, replace, or upgrade their devices. I don't know what the next move should be. Thanks. 

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15 minutes ago, Malik Rumi said:

So I went to the web version  ...  Missing Content

Which web verson; problems have been reported with the "new" version
We recommend downgrading.  I posted downgrade instructions here 

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5 minutes ago, Malik Rumi said:

How would I know the difference?

3 public versions.  If you post a screenshot we can identify your version
The "new" version has the user picture in the top left corner1890512224_ScreenShot2019-07-14at07_36_41.png.7c8a8f733cbdbf57c0f1f0913f502b47.png

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imho that's just too many. I am enclosing the screenshot, because I assume knowing the version will be useful, but guess what? Now all my stuff is there - the article from today and all the old ones, too. Go figure. Thanks.

Evernote 2019-07-14 09-42-08.png

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Just a comment from a (very) veteran product manager, formerly from your neck of the woods, at the big circular building and the towers in SJ...

For some reason, I defaulted to the beta (black layout vs. green) and shared similar panic with not just missing notes, but entire notebooks. A few suggestions:

  1. For goodness sake, don't ever throw a user into a beta without telling him/her!
  2. Perhaps it would be clever to actually put the word "Beta" somewhere on the beta?!?
  3. If a user has to send in a screenshot for you to identify which version he is using, that's probably a bad user experience, especially when the user is concerned about lost data.
  4. I'll assume you are agile? Regardless, the beta should (either) be clearly named, or meet MVP standards. (2,000+ missing notes does NOT = MVP)

Please make the effort to forward this to the Web product PM; PMs do try to take care of our siblings.



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