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We need a Handwriting note option like the one on Android



It would be wonderful to have a Handwriting note option in the Windows version of Evernote just like there is on Android.  An "Ink Note" is of very little use since it is not searchable.  How difficult can this be if you can build it into an Android app and if Microsoft can implement it in OneNote?  I have a MS Surface and Pen that I would love to use with Evernote, but I have to go to my Android tablet to get that functionality; that just does not make sense.  When I am at a conference, I want one device,and my Surface should be able to be that device.  Please add Handwriting to the Windows version of Evernote, or at least give feedback as to why this request is not possible.  Thank you.

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On 7/12/2019 at 2:22 PM, tmoatsjr said:

Handwriting note option ... just like there is on Android

What are there details on what Android features you need?
I found this Documentation, basically a sketch feature creating image attachments

>>An "Ink Note" is of very little use since it is not searchable

A better request is to make "Ink Notes" searchable.  To be OCR'd for searching, the handwriting has to be saved as an image.  

I'm a Mac user; no ink or handwriting note option but I can attach an image of handwriting to a note: it is searchable.

For handwriting, my favourite solution is the Notability app on my iPad, with an Apple Pencil.  I prefer to save in pdf format, but can save screenshots as images
You could also take screenshots from the "Ink Note"

 Are there handwriting apps for use on the MS  Surface?

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Yes, there are handwriting apps on the Surface, but that is not the point.  I can open Evernote on my Samsung Tablet or my Google Pixel phone, and I have a note selection for Handwriting.  After I create a handwritten note, I save the note, it syncs to Evernote, and then it is searchable; and the search is very good.  I don't understand why that option is not available on my Surface which has a touchscreen and an active pen.  See the screen shot below from my phone.


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