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Web Clipper 'Simplified Article' truncated.

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I've tried that site in both Opera and Firefox; clicking the link won't take me directly to that page, which may require a login--it just goes to the Duolingo home page. IAC, in both browsers the "simplified article" clipping does indeed "truncate" the page--it ends with Duolingo for Schools, and doesn't include the stuff in the banner at the bottom. For me, that would seem to be part of the "simplified" process. I don't know Web programming, but I suspect that banners (or whatever they're called) at the bottom like that exist as separate elements that simplified clipping is not designed to catch.

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Would be nice if you find your example, to get back here. Maybe issue a support ticket as well.

For me WebClipper in the simplified mode is important, and I just take it for granted (maybe I shouldn’t) that a clipped page is clipped entirely, regarding the core content. Don‘t want to check this all the time.

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