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Expiry dates on notes


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I hope this will make sense:

I use a evernote in various parts of my activities and some notes are only needed for a certain amount of time. For example if I EN a guarantee for an appliance we bought at work or at home, I only need it for a certain time. Another example, if I make a trip/holiday plan, once the trip is over I don;t need it anymore.

Because of the multiple examples, I tend to just leave the notes around and do a clear up now and again. I would rather have a solution where we could give a note an expiry date by which the note would eventually self-destroy (with or without a prompt). I use a minimalist number of folders (inbox, Archives that's it) so that would clear up without me having to chase.


Any idea if this is already present in EN or if people have some better solutions?


Many thanks,

Stef @ Bristol (UK)

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There is no such feature in Evernote; Evernote will not intentionally destroy your note content; it's an action that you must initiate yourself.

That being said, you could use reminder notes to implement a system where you are reminded to delete particular notes.

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2 hours ago, sjaglin said:

we could give a note an expiry date by which the note would eventually self-destroy

As per @jefito, you could assign a reminder date

Personally, I never "destroy" notes.  I have an archive process

>>I use a minimalist number of folders (inbox, Archives that's it)

My notebooks are Inbox, Filing

I use an Archive tag for "expired" notes

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On 7/12/2019 at 1:56 PM, sjaglin said:

Thanks for the prompt responses, I'll try the tagging solution 👍🏻

If you do want to delete the notes you could tag them with something like !Del.YYYY.MM.  Then a periodic search for tag:!del.* sorted by tag should yield a list of notes to delete by month.

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