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Face ID or Fingerprint to Unlock

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Hi.  I moved your request to a voting forum so others can express their support.  I believe there is already a password-protect request around to lock all Evernote clients,  though all of them require a password to log in and open a database,  and desktop OS's usually include a system lock when a device is unattended.

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On 7/11/2019 at 4:24 AM, rickpower83 said:

It might be a good idea to integrate this feature, in the same way that banking apps require a passcode or fingerprint to open the app.

Evernote >User >Settings > Passcode >  Unlock with Touchid


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Go into the EN app.

Click on account (the little man at the bottom, far right)

Click on settings

Activate Passcode-Lock (between Reminders and Evernote E-Mail adress, 3rd Positionen from the bottom of the list), you have to enter a passcode.

When you did this, on the following screen you can select touch or Face ID. DTLow has posted this screen above.

P.S. Moderators action: Moved from voting into iOS general - makes no sense to vote for something that exists.

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