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This can be a problem.

Maybe try to get rid of the note by using the web client.

If not: There is another thread on the forum, by a user with Premium account. He wanted to place a support ticket, and report about the outcome. Maybe you search for this thread, and make sure you get a notification when there are any news posted there.

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„Best on the market“ is a nice badge. Would you subscribe to a service that describes itself as „second-best on the market“ ?

In the end, there is nothing as a „best“ software for whatever, it is just a software you regard as being best suited for your own use case. Please note that this depends on your correct identification of what is your use case, and your ability to choose the best software to solve this demand. If you fail on the one or the other, it is not the fault of the software you decided to use ...

The issue here has more to do with note ownership. When you share a note to somebody else, you are not giving up ownership of this piece of information. You share it, but it still belongs to you. This is why the person receiving the share has only limited options about what to do with the note.

Now the conflict created was that the person donating the share has given up on the parent note that was the source of the share. You are sitting on an orphaned note now, restricted in rights, but without control by the shares parent.

Since you are using the EN service, but are not contributing to it, your best bet is that another user that is paying and tries to solve a similar issue through support, will get a solution, and post it here in the forum. I wish you luck !

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