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Am I the only one seeing "Multipage clips - Clip all pages into a single note" in Clipper settings?

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As captioned above. I don't remember seeing this option before, which could potentially be a very useful feature, and that evernote should have implemented ages ago. Then I can use it to replace OneTab on Chrome.

However, it doesn't work at all on all the computers I've tried. Strangely, a search of it on Google returned no results, which doesn't happen very often. No announcement from Evernote, no one's talking about it, no changelogs, nothing.

Am I missing something here or is it a real useful feature coming?


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Hi.  I have that option too.  I think it's probably universal for this browser clipper at least.  It's an official acknowledgement of something which some browser clippers were able to do a while ago - if you have one of those articles which extends over page 1 - page 3 Evernote sometimes was able to clip all the pages in one hit. 

Looks like they cracked the trick - in Chrome at least  ...and with the proviso that it can make for longer clipping times.

I have used this feature to clip pages alongside other tricks like looking for the 'print' option on a web page to get a plainer one-page layout,  and using online services to export pages to PDF files.  I copy multi-page documents so seldom though that it's going to stay 'off' in my Clipper.


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I'm trying to better understand this option too. I've read your comments @gazumpedbut still not clear on what this setting is saying. Is it referring to those websites that make you click through to a 2nd page, or a 3rd page, to continue reading? Or, something else? I guess I'm not clear what type of web page would be multi-page. (I use Chrome if that matters).

Ideally, does anyone have a link to a webpage that this clipper setting would apply to so I can test it for myself? I can't seem to find a page that triggers this. Thanks in advance for any further clarification. 

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9 hours ago, Stacey said:

Is it referring to those websites that make you click through to a 2nd page, or a 3rd page, to continue reading?

@Stacey That was my guess at the time - mainly remembering the "Clearly" extension which got dropped several years ago,  but would do exactly that.  Can't find any multi-page websites to try it out though.  Tried a search for "next page" to see whether that would prompt any suggestions - seems like there's a lot of software out there for making web pages easier to navigate..

(The alternative option - that if you clip several different pages,  all the clips wind up in one note - seems not to work.  I just tried it with three clips and got three notes.  It's pretty redundant to have this mode anyway - just clip the different content and merge the notes...)

I'll keep an eye out for a suitable multi-page to test!  Please let us know if you find a definitive answer...



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@gazumpedThanks for your response. In further forum research, it seems to me that no one clearly understands what this preference does! I also can't get it to behave differently in my tests with the option selected, or not. Good to know I'm not the only one. Will update here if I find a good web-page to test or get further clarification on this feature. Seems best to just merge clipped notes in Evernote after clipping anyhow...especially with the enhanced merge functionality of v10. 

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Just gave it a try. I see no difference in having this active or not. It does not clip "second" pages. When I clip in the note the link to page 2 is active, but it opens the page in the browser, not in EN. There is no content from following pages clipped. The test was on a page without paywall.

Thanks @Stacey for picking this up - will be interesting tom learn from support what it does.

If I need to clip a multi pager, I try the "all pages" option on the website, plus the reader mode, as @gazumped already posted.

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