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I have the Evernote app on my computer, my laptop. 

When I click on it, it opens fine. When I go to search, or click on an article, etc. It immediately goes white with the blue wheel of death and not responding in the upper left corner.

What's wrong here?


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Have you yet tried to reorganize the EN database ?

Hold down strg before clicking on the Help menu. Below the usual items there will be a list of new menu items.

You can try if one of these advanced options helps with your problem. They will reorganize the EN database, rebuild the search index etc.

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So the app opens ok but as soon as you click on an existing note or enter something in the search window it hangs, is that right or does it just freeze and then eventually become responsive?  Had EN been working ok for you before?

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6 hours ago, ASP93 said:

I am also facing the same problem. It was working fine until recently. I'm sick of this!

Hi.  If it was working fine until recently,  what changed?  Have you tried any of the fixes above,  or maybe stepping back to an earlier version of the app?

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If the new app is the issue,  then best to post here - 

...where the developers will be watching.

Updates are,  to many folks,  more trouble than they're worth until the newness (and the initial bugs) wear off..  you can step back by uninstalling the current version and "reinstalling" an earlier one (provided you don't have any local notebooks).  You might also want to switch automatic updates OFF in future.

If you're a subscriber,  you can also raise your issues with Evernote Support which may get you a fix,  and helps them find out what's not working...

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