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I changed some notes after going over the upload limit days ago, and also added some others. Now that I'm in the new month, I though the changes done would sync, and the notes would lose the red mark.

What can I do so the changes done after going over the upload limit sync?

I'm using the Android version on a Samsung tablet BTW.


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Hi.  And Hmmn...  I often say that the Upload Limit is a bit like those signs for "Minefield" or "Live Fire Range" - you can go past them,  but the results can be "unwelcome". 

Evernote have said that they are (or will be) trying to make exceeding the account limits less hazardous for users,  but meantime it's still a very good idea to keep tabs on the limits and stop using the account - or upgrade temporarily - if you plan to exceed them.

If these notes aren't syncing,  I'd suggest you check online by signing into Evernote.com to see what upload limit you have left.  If it's sufficient to cover the notes,  you could try making a small editing change - add a full stop or a space and re-save them.  That might trigger the process.

If that doesn't work try copying the content into a new note - maybe the originals are compromised in some way.

As a last resort you could try emailing the notes to yourself by copying and pasting into a standard email and recreate them on a desktop.

If you have access to a desktop,  have a look at local notebooks which are not subject to the upload limit - you could maybe move some notes there for a while until your limit refreshes.

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