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Content erased without notice

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i would like to adress an issue that i have been having for several weeks now. I believe it's a bug.

So, everytime i am writing something and then i switch line or press enter or go back to a line before it, sometimes it will have a red dragged color sometimes not, so if i type something, which usually will be fine, one word will be erased. It's annoying especially if i were in such a hurry to write some notes. Also if it has a red dragged color it is quite annoying to not type without one word disappearing without notice.

Am i the only one with this issue ?

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The red underline is caused by spell checking. This is not an EN feature, it is borrowed from iOS.

If you want to get rid of it, you have to go to iOS settings, choose „General“, and „Keyboard“. Spellchecking is one of the options.

I think the word is not simply erased. iOS will offer alternative words for those detected as spelled incorrectly. It will mark the word to be replaced. If you hit something like return or space now, it will delete the marked word without replacing it. Maybe this leads to the impression of erasing.

I have spellchecking activated, and do not experience any unintended erasing of words on my iPad Pro.

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