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iframe -> a shared note

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We use Evernote at work. I was hoping to embed some Evernotes into our CRM /ERP using an iframe.  It appears that you cannot do this for this reason: 

Refused to display ..... in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'sameorigin'.


Is there some simple solution?

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Hi.  You can embed an Evernote link in your app,  so a click will open the (publicly shared) note;  and you could embed a tracking code in the note (or the link) to detect that it had been opened.  Sorry if that's no help,  but its the best I got...

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I was having this same problem (right now, with up-to-the-moment Ghost and Discourse), and fixed it by changing the Discourse site, not the parent Ghost site.

And it was a struggle to get rid of the x-frame-options headers coming from Discourse! I ended up with this in my Nginx site configuration

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