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I need some gamification! :)



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1 hour ago, marcotaffi said:

I need some gamification! :)

Any specifics?

Evernote's a filing cabinet; I need my data to be stored and organized

and a note editor; I need to create basic notes

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6 hours ago, jefito said:


Something lost in translation?

That's what I mean! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamification

It's not an item about games, but about how acting as a game is a way to improve self-organization and goal reaching...

How can we imagine it in Evernote? That's a question for the EV team!

Some ideas...

  • win a cup if you organize notes in the best way
  • in a corner there is a pop-up with a "space invaders arcade" where you can finally destroy your most used tags and notes :)
  • a "Strava" like challenge based on Evernote use statistics with EV users around me...
  • yours!




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