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Copying images gone wrong to-day



For several years I have been able to mark a few paragraphs in, say, Facebook, which includes an
image/photo, Ctrl C it, and then paste into a new Evernote note under directory of my choice.

This has gone seriously wrong overnight !!

After some experimentation it seems I can drag an image/ photo across on its own (once it has
been enlarged by clicking on it). That'll be very tedious as I also want the words with it.

Clicking on the marker on the evernote photo frame takes me back to facebook.
That'll be no good when I am in the field looking at botany!


[I know facebook photos went down last night in UK - could that be a reason?]

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1st yes, this may be a reason, and if it is back to work now, it likely was the reason.

2nd if not, you should be clearer on which OS and client you try to do this. Like it is described here, many relevant details are missing.

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Ctrl+C means Windows to me.

Seems to be something to do with Facebook. I see a similar problem with Facebook (the text comes through, but the image doesn't), but doing the same thing from a normal web site seems to be OK. Maybe if you try a clipboard viewer application like ClipSpy, you might be able to find where things are going wrong.

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