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Michael Bixby


I'm using some of my notes as actual notepads for certain topics and I access them on daily basis. The issue is, Evernote app is not very liberating in terms of viewing and sorting notes. I doesn't let me arrange them freely as I need (by importance), making the access time (clicking on dock icon > editing note) really long. I'm sure I'm not alone in this. Also, color labeling would help.

My point is, I can't really use Evernote as a notepad, when it can't even replace OneNote/Word notepad template as a serious note-taking tool (e.g. for school). It's more like scrapbook. (Everscrap.)

Next, don't you feel the app looks kinda old and clunky, especially in comparison to some newer apps like Transmit, Things,...? The iPad app on the desktop would also look (feel) great.

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Excellent idea with an Importance rating tool.

In the meantime, it may help to use Tags. I realize it may be difficult to get those "importance" tags at the top, so consider adding an "A" or a symbol at the beginning.

As for the interface suggestions, what do you recommend? I like Transmit, but I don't see many similarities between the jobs that Transmit and Evernote do.

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