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How to set the default notebook to save the emails from gmail

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Hi.  I've recently had some 'fun' with Gmail forwarding,  so this is recent expertise!

There are several ways to 'forward' email from Gmail to Evernote.

  1. The first step is to go into 'contacts' and set up your Evernote account address as 'Evernote' or something similar.
  2. You can then choose 'forward' on the email to send it to Evernote for inclusion in the database.  It's possible to alter the subject line of the forwarded email to include @notebook #tag and !reminder details,  and to "+" append it to earlier notes. 
  3. There's the standard browser Clipper if you're using Gmail's web client.  Note titles can be adjusted and comments added if necessary.
  4. And it's possible to use the Evernote add-in for Gmail.  Changes can be made and defaults set,  but it currently seems less flexible to me.
  5. I have set up MS Outlook to help manage my Gmail,  which also has its own clipper.  Again,  note titles can be set or changed.
  6. If you can identify specific emails by content or 'from' address that you know you will wish to forward,  it's possible to set up a Filter in Gmail to automatically forward to a set address.  This won't affect any emails that are already in your inbox,  but will automatically forward any future  messages.  Right click a sample message,  choose "find all messages like these" and if necessary tweak the keywords in the window that appears to find this and future messages from this sender.  Run your search again to 'fix' those terms,  and choose "create Filter".
  7. Don't forget that there are automation tools out there like Phrase Express which can run a series of commands from a keypress,  so with two or three different sets of important emails to forward it might be easier to set up a standard 'forward' reply which is automatically formatted to direct the note to different notebooks
  8. And Finally!  An external app called Filterize will assign a different email address to every notebook in your database,  so each one could be set up as a contact,  and mails would be forwarded directly.

Good luck...  🙂

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