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Email forwarding from Gmail not working



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So.  Punting this out to the general audience to see if anyone has ideas.  I'm trying to set up a filter in Gmail to forward emails to Evernote via my Filterize account,  which can assign them to different notebooks and maybe carry out different processing as appropriate.

(Yes,  I could use my Evernote email address, but I can't change the subject line of the forwarded email so all directly-forwarded emails go into my default notebook.)

I'm sure I've had this working before,  but while I can 'verify' the email address to Gmail by picking up a code (from the resulting note) that they sent there,  using the same email address as a filter just doesn't work.

At first I thought it was my fault.  Then Evernote.  Then Filterize;  but...

I reset my Evernote address and deleted all the filters I had set up to start from scratch.  I verified that email sent to my new address does appear as a note.  I added that note to my forwarding addresses in Gmail,  and was able to receive the code they send out. 

Then,  using the same target email I set up a filter:  if Gmail receives a mail from this address,  send it to my account;  and run that filter against the 1 email already found.

Result:  Nope. Nuttin'.  Nada. No forwarding happens.  The same email to the same email address,  and it forwards if I do this 'manually' while setting up a filter,  but the resulting filter does not work.  Tried filtering to my 'other' Gmail account so I could verify any differences in email headers.  But that doesn't work either.  So this looks like a purely Gmail Filter problem - I can set up a forwarding address,  but forwarding by filter no longer works for me.

I will check my Gmail settings to see if there's something hinky in here,  but if anyone has any ideas or can contribute anything - even that their gmail forwarding works,  I'd be very grateful!!

Apologies for whinging into your day with my problems!  If I find the cure I'll post more...  <mutter,  mutter,  mutter>...

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1 hour ago, gazumped said:

(Yes,  I could use my Evernote email address, but I can't change the subject line of the forwarded email so all directly-forwarded emails go into my default notebook.)

???  You don't really change he subject when you use ! @ # in an email.  They get stripped when the email gets to EN. Though I'm sure you know that, so don't quite get the issue?

IAC, I use eM Client with Gmail (never have liked the gmail browser client, or maybe too many years with corporate email clients like Outlook and Notes).  Handy dandy PhraseExpress hotkeys clean up the forwarded email as need be, add notebook and tags.  Not sure how it would work with Gmail in the browser though....

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Annnnd we're back!  Went to kick some boxes around to avoid launching the laptop into LEO.  Back and happy(er) now.

3 hours ago, CalS said:

You don't really change he subject when you use ! @ # in an email

Sorry - me being misleading.  I have two Gmail accounts (being greedy) and I get relevant non-spammy emails in each.  While I can and have clipped emails from the browser client (and Outlook,  IMAPped into Gmail) and used the Gmail Clipper,  I wanted to filter some emails directly into Evernote.  Examples would be hotel emails going into a notebook for "Road Trips" and receipts, purchase updates and delivery notes going into a notebook "Purchases".

With a Gmail filter I can't edit the email content:  the mail comes in,  it gets forwarded,  and it can get deleted;  but beyond marking the thing 'important' or applying a label,  I can't otherwise signal Evernote what I want to do with each mail.

Here comes Filterize,  who supplied me with an email address for each notebook: so emails for the Road Trip notebook go to one email address,  and for the Purchases notebook go to another.

Except they're not 'going' at the moment.  When the filter is (allegedly) active,  it's not even sending out an email on that account although when I enthusiastically set one up to delete the original email after sending,  the email was duly deleted,  but no copy was sent out.

I'll go over my Gmail settings on both accounts (for the THIRD time) again,  but thanks for the reminder about phrase express - that might be an easier option.  I'm a great fan of "any forwarding you can walk away from"....

(But in out continuing competition for the 'worlds laziest person' I would have been very happy to build up a number of emails in some notebooks with a Filterize control set to simply delete mails over a certain age.  I wouldn't then even have to look at the mails unless I actually needed to,  when the last <insert period here> would have been sufficient margin to give me the necessary information or choices.)

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Un. Be. Fracturing. Lievable.

So.  In the process of setting up my Gmail filter I see a screen that asks several tickbox questions,  including "Also apply filter to 13* matching conversations?"  - Which I of course tick carefully so all the mails wind up in the right Evernote place..

Somewhere below this is a statement:  "Note: old mail will not be forwarded".

So I thought: "despite asking me whether or not to forward the matching conversations,  are matching wossnames also 'old mail'???"

And do you know?  When I sent a new email into my own account that matched the filter,  the B*&^^£$$$ filter works!!  Sigh.

So when I find a filter that works well,  because the matches are into double figures,  I can happily send NEW emails into Evernote,  but all the old matches will have to be individual clips or forwards.  But at least the filter does work.

Thanks for anyone who read this - <head><desk> <head><desk> <head><desk>

Please move along now.  Absolutely nothing to see here... :blink:


* 13 in my example - numbers can be higher,  or lower...

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