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There is no "confirmation emal" letter in my mail.box

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11 hours ago, azarich said:

Each time application asks me to confirm my email address but there is no "confirmation emal" letter in my mail.box!!!


Your account has an incorrect email address attached to it?  The mails are in your spam folder?

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4 hours ago, azarich said:

I think this an issue with Win version of Evernote.

Well I'm using the latest Windows desktop and (sadly) have cycled through all three of the recent Web versions without issue.  If you're on a browser,  have you tried a different browser / changed the Evernote version via settings?  Logging out and back in (if you can!) sometimes helps,  as does a full system restart.

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Hmmn.  Can you give us a screen shot of the confirmation request?  Have you been able to log in successfully before?  Have you tried accessing via a web browser to log in successully there?

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1. confirmation screenshot - will do when it appears again

2. I can perform login and logout using desktop win app, everything fine here

3. I can perform login and logout using web browser chrome, everything fine here

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