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Option to remove Recent Notes in iOS (iPad)



I’ve seen the frustrations and threads dating back to 2012 from everyone on “Recent Notes” clogging up the Shortcuts area, but it appears there is still no way to turn this off on iOS for iPad. Am I missing something? The option was added to desktop it seems but not mobile. Please assist—this is incredibly annoying and clogs up my sidebar on iOS.

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For me it is hard to get the core idea of this posting.

If I am at the notes view (topmost option in the left selection menu), I get a list of notes based on my selection, like which notebook (or „all notes“), and I can control somewhat the sequence, like „last changed“, „created at“ or „by name“. Plus I can switch the look of it, like Text, pictures, small or large etc. So this is not much, but there is not much space either. With my settings, I see the first 5 notes, and a part of the Sixth one.

If I choose the „star“, I get in the favorites view one option that says „modified shortly before“, with 3 notes. Often this is what I want to see, because maybe I want to come back to this note to make another entry.

So it is much less than what I see on a desktop client (and even less if I have one of these monster displays with 5k+ resolution), but it is what I get.

So what is wrong with it, and how should it be ?

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I’m glad it works well for your system, but this is not a new complaint—do some quick searches on “Recent Notes” and Evernote dating back to 2010 or 2012 or so, and you will see that many users have no need for this section. In fact so many users have complained that they updated the desktop version to allow you to turn it off, but for some reason they kept it in their iOS version. There is an option to turn off Recent Notebooks, but not Recent Notes—if it is reasonable enough for Folders, why not Notes? I use a mobile as well as an iPad—I don’t need the whole top section of my Shortcuts, which I use for tags, occupied by a feature I will never use.

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18 hours ago, jrriney said:

this is incredibly annoying and clogs up my sidebar on iOS.

I moved your request to the feature request forum.  Users can indicate their support using the vote buttons at the top left corner of the discussion.

Personally, I have no concerns about the three notes listed at the top and they don't "clog up my sidebar"

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Thank you, but the discussion was already added and heard I believe last year, when they added the option to desktop in an update after a bunch of users complained. Why wouldn’t the same apply to iOS? Screen real estate is even more important on mobile—it should be an option like it is for Recent Notebooks in app.

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